Meet the Team Behind Calgary’s Premier Poop Scooping Service

In the bustling city of Calgary, where pet ownership is both a joy and a responsibility, one company stands out for its commitment to keeping the community clean and hygienic. Calgary’s premier poop scooping service, affectionately known as “The Clean Sweep Crew,” has gained a reputation not only for its efficient and environmentally friendly services but also for its charismatic and dedicated team.

This article introduces you to the dynamic individuals behind this essential service, exploring their roles, motivations, and the unique bond they share that makes them the top choice for Calgary’s pet owners.

The Backbone of the Business

Founder and Visionary: John McLean

John McLean, the founder of The Clean Sweep Crew, launched the business five years ago with a vision to provide a service that was sorely lacking in Calgary. His love for animals and his background in environmental science drove him to create a business that not only serves pet owners but also protects the environment. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a one-man operation to a thriving service provider with a full roster of dedicated employees.

Operations Manager: Sarah Jennings

Sarah Jennings, the operations manager, is the organizational powerhouse behind the daily logistics of the service. With a background in business administration and a personal passion for animal welfare, Sarah ensures that the schedules are seamless and that all team members are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to perform their jobs effectively. Her meticulous attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in refining the operational efficiencies of the business.

The Heart of the Service

Lead Technician: Mike Robinson

As the lead technician, Mike Robinson brings over a decade of experience in waste management to the team. The inthelineofdoodie expertise and hands-on approach allow him to train new employees and maintain the high standards that The Clean Sweep Crew is known for. Mike’s friendly demeanor and professionalism make him a favorite among clients, who appreciate his thoroughness and his respectful treatment of their property.

Customer Relations Specialist: Emily Tran

Emily Tran is the voice and face of the company for many clients. As the customer relations specialist, she manages all interactions with clients from initial inquiries to feedback collection. Emily’s role is crucial in building and maintaining strong relationships with customers, ensuring that their needs and concerns are addressed promptly and satisfactorily. Her empathetic approach and problem-solving skills have helped the company maintain a loyal customer base.

The Field Team: The Unsung Heroes

The field team of The Clean Sweep Crew, comprising several dedicated technicians, is the backbone of the service delivery. These individuals work tirelessly, regardless of weather conditions, to ensure that Calgary’s yards are clean and safe. The team’s commitment to their work and their attention to detail are what set The Clean Sweep Crew apart from competitors.

Senior Technician: Dave Larson

Among the field team, Dave Larson stands out as a senior technician known for his dedication and hard work. Having been with the company since its early days, Dave has witnessed its growth and has been a pivotal part of its success. His knowledge of the local area and his rapport with long-term clients contribute significantly to the personalized service the company prides itself on.

Training and Development

Recognizing the importance of professional development, The Clean Sweep Crew invests in regular training sessions for all team members. These sessions cover not only technical skills but also customer service and environmental compliance. The aim is to ensure that the team is not only proficient in their roles but also aware of the latest trends and regulations in waste management and environmental protection.

Community and Environmental Impact

Beyond just cleaning up pet waste, The Clean Sweep Crew is deeply committed to community involvement and environmental stewardship. The team participates in local clean-up drives and educates the public about the importance of proper pet waste disposal. Their eco-friendly disposal techniques and the use of biodegradable bags underscore their commitment to reducing the environmental footprint of their operations.


The team behind Calgary’s premier poop scooping service, The Clean Sweep Crew, is a perfect blend of professionalism, passion, and dedication. Each member plays a vital role in delivering high-quality service while fostering a positive impact on the community and environment. For pet owners in Calgary, knowing the people behind this essential service adds a level of trust and appreciation for the work being done to keep their spaces clean and safe. As The Clean Sweep Crew continues to grow and serve the Calgary community, its team remains the cornerstone of its success and reputation.