What is Architecture and Service?

What is Architecture and Service?

Architecture is the design of a structure, whereas service is the function of a structure. Together, they can be used to create an entire system.

Service orientated architecture (SOA) defines how to make software components reusable using interfaces. This allows software developers to assemble applications quickly and efficiently.

Architecture is the design of a structure

Building first emerged from the dynamics between needs (shelter, security, worship) and means (availability of building materials and attendant skills) at osgoodeproperties.com. Architecture is the more formalized version of this craft.

It is the design of structures that meet the functional and aesthetic requirements of a particular culture, history, environment, and artistic sensibility. It is also the art of manipulating space to elevate human experiences.

An important aspect of this design is to ensure that the structure can withstand the loads it will be exposed to throughout its lifecycle. This requires an understanding of the forces that will be applied to it by environmental sources such as gravity, wind and earthquakes as well as internal loads imposed on its components.

All of this is done through an iterative process that fine tunes the various elements until they safely transfer all of these external and internal loads to meet the code and other required specifications. The result is an efficient and safe structure that meets the needs of its intended use.

Service is the function of a structure

Service is the act of helping someone or doing something for them. This includes things like a waiter or hairdresser providing their services at a restaurant, or when the mechanic fixes your car, etc.

The key characteristic of a service is that it is an intangible activity. The person whose service it is does not own anything physical.

While a product is tangible and can be stored or transported, a service cannot. Similarly, there is no transfer of ownership when you pay a doctor for advice and a company sells you a ticket to see a play.

In the service business, customer involvement is essential to the success of operations. This is unlike the classic product-based business, which creates a value-creating product and then sells it to customers.

Architecture is the design of a system

Architecture is the design of a system, including the structure, components and interfaces. It is also the process of defining these elements to meet the system’s specified requirements.

The design of a system should adhere to sound systems engineering (SE) practices. It strives to achieve a balance of cost, schedule, performance, and risk while meeting stakeholder needs.

It is important to understand that architecture is a complex discipline and it takes many years of study and experience to master it. Experiencing architecture first-hand is a great way to learn more about it.

When designing a system, come up with two different approaches and contrast them. Explain why one approach works better than the other and be explicit about tradeoffs you make.

Architecture is the design of a software system

A software architecture is a set of principles and design rules that defines the structure of a system. It also describes the relationships between components, levels of abstraction and other aspects of the system.

An effective architecture supports analysis of system qualities at the earliest stages of design and development, ensuring teams achieve essential characteristics like modifiability, availability, security and flexibility. This timely analysis reduces the risk of overdesign and under-engineering and increases quality, maintainability and performance.

The design of a software system is complicated because of the number of diverse functions that it must perform. This complexity can make it difficult to describe the requirements of the system and to communicate them with the team.