Which is the Best Pakistani Brand?

Which is the Best Pakistani Brand?

The fashion industry in Pakistan is thriving. There are a lot of brands that offer amazing designs at reasonable prices.

Some of the best brands include Zellbury, Limelight, Khaadi, and Soffio. These brands offer unique collections of eastern and western wear at affordable prices.

Zara Shahjahan

Zara Shahjahan is a brand synonymous with grace and elegance. Bringing intricately developed designer apparel to women seeking ladylike aesthetics, a keen eye on embellishment and above all quality.

In her first decade, she has been able to establish herself as a lifestyle label encompassing all genres of Luxury Pret, Western wear, and Couture calvin klein skinny jeans. Her couture collections feature extravagantly detailed Gara embroideries, Swarovski crystals, and authentic hand-crafted embellishments.

The Pakistani fashion scene is going through a major evolution. It has shifted away from conservative frontiers and is now more global with local accents, according to designers who showcased their latest collections at Lakme Fashion Week (LFW).


Ethnic is a brand that focuses on empowering women. Its clothing is comfortable to wear and affordable. They have a variety of products, including bridal dresses, party dresses, and formal dresses. Their designs are unique and stylish.


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Every woman looks for a brand that can offer her a wide range of amazing clothes. And the most important thing is that they should be affordable for her.

In Pakistan, there are several top brands that provide amazing clothes for women. In order to help you pick the right brand, we have done an analysis and listed some of the best ones.

Focus is one of the most popular Pakistani brands. Their unstitched and ready-to-wear collections are extremely beautiful. They are also super comfortable and affordable.


Founded in 1985, Bareeze, which is owned by Lahore-based siblings Hamid Zaman and Seema Aziz, is one of the top Pakistani brands. The company sells high-end fabrics and home furnishings to customers around the world.

Until Aziz and her brother launched their brand, there was no way for Pakistani designers to produce fabrics equal to those of the European market, let alone for export.

That’s when Aziz came up with a solution to the problem: She would use Swiss embroidery machines to make fabric in Pakistan that was as chic as anything in Europe. Despite the fact that many shopkeepers told her she wouldn’t be able to make money, Aziz did it.


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