ELITER is committed to food innovation with the new generation of packaging machines for ready meals

Food Manufacturing Companies Can Expect more Compact High-Speed Cartoner

ELITER Packaging Machinery, a global specialist in cartoning machine and wrap-around sleeve packaging machine for ready meals, took advantage their cooperation with PPMA (Packaging and Processing Machinery Association, United Kingdom) to present its innovative systems for preparing fresh prepared meals.

The Chinese company, based in Wenzhou, Zhejiang, develops highly specialized processes for the packaging automation to wrap prepared food in miscellaneous containers including trays, cups, tubs, pots, etc with cardboard sleeve. ELITER Packaging Machinery’s cartoning machine and wrap-around cartoner, validated with excellent results, are designed for continuous processes and are among the most efficient systems available.

Speed, performance and quality

ELITER’s microwavable and prepared meal packaging machine systems optimize the wrapping, grouping and infeed of all types of raw and processed foods, including delicate ingredients such as fish. The use of full siemens platform and smart HMIs is a intelligent process that packs cartons and sleeves evenly, eliminates faults and allows thorough control of the packaging automation process.

It is a precise overwrapping treatment that increases the yield and improves the nutritional quality of food. In addition, the speed of the process, added to the appropriate temperature settings, limits bacterial growth, thus guaranteeing food safety.

All the packaging machines for ready meals use servo technology and consumes 50% less energy than other traditional mechanically design packaging machines and automation processes when packing ready meals. The new generation of ELITER Cartoner an Sleevercan be used for all types of ready meals or individual components.

Depending on the ingredients and the process, the packaging machine can be limited to automatic feeding, organizing of path flow and sleeve carton wrapping at the same time. This second option is the most suitable in the case of fish and seafood since their cooking times are shorter. However, any food option can be processed, whether it is meat, seafood, fish, vegetarian, vegan food or alternative proteins.

Efficient systems lead to greater sustainability

ELITER’s packaging automation process all types of trays regardless of their size or composition: plastic, glass or paper. The filled trays are sealed with or without gas and the system can also be used for thermoformed containers and bags. Another added advantage is that no packing valves are needed. The result is a good-looking meal without the need for a vacuum.

ELITER Packaging Machinery applies new technology which is energy-efficient and 100% electric, which implies a share of zero use of plastic packaging during the production. The shelf life of ready meals on the shelves depends on the pasteurization value, although it is usually around 25-30 days, which guarantees less food waste.

The reduction of such waste and extremely durable and energy-efficient machinery are factors that contribute to a high level of sustainability. In addition, the company is authorized for organic food processing by most international organic certification bodies.

Tried and tested: the best ready meal packaging machine

In close collaboration with the SIEMENS China, ELITER Packaging Machinery has developed a new generation of packaging machines with patented functions. At the site located in Wenzhou, China, tests were carried out to evaluate the quality and safety of food, product and process, as well as industrial and environmental performance.

In view of today’s busy lifestyle, ready meals produced with ELITER Packaging Machinery’s packaging equipment are a tasty and healthy solution for consumers with limited time or varied food restrictions. To find out more information, please visit: https://www.eliter-packaging.com