What Is an Example of SOC?

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What Is an Example of SOC?

A SOC is an integrated circuit that contains all of the required components of a system on a single chip. This allows for greater optimization of power usage, area on the die and communication.

SOCs also typically include security software to monitor and manage the systems and data that are relevant to cybersecurity. This includes Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), which provides a cross-organizational view of IT and security data, and network traffic analysis (NTA).

Next-Generation SIEMs Reduce Alert Fatigue And Improve MTTD And MTTR

Many of the security tools used in the SOC providers have evolved to include new capabilities that allow analysts to detect and respond to threats more. These include user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) that goes beyond correlation rules, helps reduce false positives, and finds hidden threats.

Next-Generation SIEMs also provide capabilities that enable security analysts to automatically perform containment actions, such as quarantining an email infected by Malware and downloading it into a threat intelligence sandbox. These automated capabilities help SOC analysts mitigate attacks before they escalate and cause damage to the organization.

Automated Threat Intel Sandboxing and NTA

The SOC also uses specialized tools to detect and mitigate malware that is infected on endpoints, like user workstations or mobile phones. These tools give SOC teams remote control over the endpoints, and allow them to conduct immediate containment and response actions.

SOCs are increasingly becoming a core part of organizations’ security infrastructure. In addition to incident response, SOCs are responsible for the ongoing monitoring of critical IT and security systems, as well as the security tools that support these processes. This is best done with a SIEM, which provides a cross-organizational perspective on all of the relevant data.