Can I Swap Front and Rear Tyres?

Can I Swap Front and Rear Tyres?

Often there is a lot of discussion about whether you should fit new tyres on the front or rear axle. The answer to this question varies depending on the drive type of your car and what tyres you’re replacing. Generally, it’s best to fit new tyres on the rear.

This is because the rear tyres provide better traction in wet and icy conditions than the front, and understeer tends to be easier to correct than oversteer.

Can I Swap Front and Rear Tyres?

But some people claim that swapping the front and rear tyres can make your vehicle more unstable on slippery roads and cause it to hydroplane – a dangerous situation where the rear Tyres Bangor slip out of control.

Some say it can also reduce braking performance, especially on wet roads.

Can I swap front and rear tyres

The fact is, tyres are designed to channel and disperse water on the road to prevent aquaplaning. Changing tyres can result in the grooves in the tread wearing away quicker because they’re not clearing enough water from the road surface.

So, if you change tyres, it’s always best to rotate them from front to rear, and back again, in order to ensure they are evenly worn throughout the entire tyre. However, if you are only replacing one or two of your tyres at a time then it’s OK to switch them around, as long as you rotate the positions.