How Do I Know If I Have Medicare?

Medicare is a government program that provides health insurance for people 65 and older, some people with disabilities, and some people under age 65 who are disabled. It covers medically necessary services, prescription drugs, and some extra benefits.

If you receive Social Security or Railroad Retirement disability benefits, you may qualify for free Part A. You can also buy it for a premium.

How Do I Know If I Have Medicare?

Generally, you must enroll in Part A and Part B after you have received Social Security disability benefits for 24 months. If you do not sign up when you are first eligible, your Part A and/or Part B premiums will increase by 10% each full 12-month period that you could have had coverage but did not.

Your right to emergency care is guaranteed by Medicare part B. If you need care for an emergency, you can go to the hospital or call your doctor and have them send an ambulance immediately. You can get emergency care anywhere in the U.S.

If you have Medicare and you don’t have creditable drug coverage, you must sign up for a Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) to pay for your medicines. If you have creditable drug coverage from your employer or retiree plan, you may not need to join a PDP until you lose this coverage.

Do you have a spouse or partner who is still working and covered under an employer group health plan? If your spouse is still working, you should delay enrolling in Medicare Part B until the end of the year that his or her employment ends.