Wearing a Lotus in Christianity

There are many different cultures that have various meanings when it comes to wearing a lotus. It can mean something that is white, which is associated with the Hindu religion, or it can mean something that is related to Christianity. For example, a white lotus is associated with purity.

White lotus

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What does wearing a lotus mean

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Meaning in Christianity

The meaning of wearing a lotus in Christianity is not just related to the flower itself. It is also related to Jesus’ redemptive work.

The flower is known for its beauty, purity and resurrection. Many religions, including Islam, view the lotus as a sacred plant.

The ancient Egyptians held the lotus to be a symbol of fertility and rebirth. They believed that the flower grew from a muddy water. In Greek culture, the lotus was considered to represent a female sexual power.

Traditionally, Christians in Asia exhibited lotuses in their churches. White lotuses are associated with virginity, while red lotuses represent compassion and love.

The white lotus is a representation of Mary. A person may choose to wear a white lotus when she is pregnant, or when she is in need of a positive force to help her through her pregnancy.

In the Bible, a lotus is mentioned several times. Job 40:21-22 mentions a behemoth playing under a lotus plant. Also, the Book of the Dead describes a lotus spell. These references are important for understanding the symbol’s meaning.

Among other religious uses, the lotus is also used as a funeral plant. When it grows in muddy water, it takes three days for its petals to reach the surface. Afterwards, it closes in the night and resurfaces in the morning.

Meaning in Hinduism

The lotus flower is a sacred symbol in many religions. It is a symbol of divine birth, spiritual enlightenment and rebirth.

Lotus flowers are commonly associated with the Hindu religion. In the Hindu scriptures, the lotus is mentioned as a metaphor for creation and a spontaneous generation. Moreover, it is a symbol of the universe’s soul and the human soul.

Despite being a plant, the lotus flower is considered to be perfect. It grows flawlessly without being disturbed by the surroundings. This makes the flower a great example of staying true to one’s self.

When the lotus flower opens, it blooms into a beautiful and multi-symmetrical form. It then closes. During this time, it carries seeds inside it. These seeds are then dispersed in the water.

The lotus is also a symbol of the eightfold path of Buddhism. The center of the flower has a yellowish hue, which represents the goal of enlightenment.

A lotus is also a symbol of the womb of the universe. It symbolizes beauty above mud and dirt. Also, it is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

Moreover, the lotus flower symbolizes the journey of the human soul. Unlike other flowers, the petals of the lotus are not identical in color. Therefore, they are arranged in a symmetrical and concentric fashion. Besides, the yellowish-green color of the center represents the ultimate goal of human consciousness.