Will Older People Have to Pay For Prescriptions From April 2022?

Thousands of older people are facing increased hardship and difficulties as a result of the Government’s plans to make them pay for prescriptions. The proposed changes could be introduced as soon as April 2022. 2.4 million people could be affected. There are also concerns that some people will not understand the changes. Some caregivers may find themselves struggling financially.

Will Older People Have to Pay For Prescriptions From April 2022?

The Government wants to ensure that the NHS is sustainable. It is also trying to protect the most vulnerable. It will be working with NHS Improvement Prescription Discounter. This will include the NHS Low Income Scheme, which provides help on an income-related basis. People on low incomes may be struggling to meet the costs of prescriptions.

Will Older People Have to Pay For Prescriptions From April 2022?

There are also concerns about the impact the changes will have on those with long-term medical conditions. They will need to be prepared to start paying for antibiotics, treatments for illness, and medicines that have been prescribed for their condition. They may also be affected by medication failure.

National Health Service in England

The National Health Service in England was set to introduce the policy when the qualifying age was raised from 60 to 66. However, the government backtracked on the plans. It is now considering its options.

There are currently other exemptions from prescription charges to help those most in need. People may also qualify for free prescriptions if they are on low incomes or if they have medical conditions.

A group called the Prescription Charges Coalition has been campaigning against the government’s plans to make people pay for prescriptions. Their spokesperson, Laura Cockram, says the changes will put people in a “precarious position”. They will have to choose between their medicine and their bill.