The Longest Bow Shot in the World

Two people claim to have made the longest bow shot in the world. The first person is an engineer from Beaverton, Oregon, named Alan Case. He has spent the last 15 years chasing the record. He aims to break Harry Drake’s record, set fifty years ago, with a footboy powered by muscle. The case is the same age as Drake was when he set his record, which is quite an accomplishment.

Matt Stutzman

Matt Stutzman, a Kansas City, Missouri native, is a world-record holder in shooting a war bow. He is the only archer in history to have surpassed Peter Terry’s world record by almost three hundred yards. He won a silver medal at the 2012 London Paralympic Games for his impressive feat and has a devoted following worldwide.

What is the longest bow shot in the world

In the preliminary rounds, Stutzman upset his teammate, Andre Shelby, and moved on to the quarterfinals, where he faced Italy’s Matteo Bonacina. Then, in the quarterfinals, Stutzman tied with Jonathan Milne of Australia and won the shootout. He then beat Hadi Nori, advancing to the gold-medal match.

Despite his excellent skills, Stutzman didn’t begin archery with the hope of making it to the Paralympics or World Championships. He took up the sport to earn money and support his family. In 2012, he made the US paralympic team and won a silver medal in the compound open competition war bow.

During his time at the Paralympics, Stutzman became a minor celebrity, picking up sponsors and motivational speaking engagements. He’s lost 60 pounds since the 2012 Olympics and is training even harder than he did at the Paralympics.

Nancy Siefker

Nancy Siefker, 29, holds the Guinness World Record for the longest distance arrow shot with her feet. She also has the longest legs in the world, measuring 51.9 inches long, more than four feet. She uses her feet to shoot her arrow twenty feet away, but she needs to have a target around 12 inches in diameter.

Another world record was set in 2014 when Inke Siefker shot an arrow six feet, 10 inches, into a target using her feet. She stood on her hands and used her left foot to hold the bow. This achievement is impressive. Record holders include the world’s longest golf club and the smallest caravan. Yannick Read and Karsten Maas also created the smallest caravan.