How Can I Call Without a Phone Number?

If you want to call someone without giving out your phone number, a few options are available. First, you can dial a different number using your smartphone’s built-in anonymous calling feature. This way, even if the person has installed a call-unmasking app on their phone, you will never see their actual number.

How to make phone calls without a phone number

If you don’t have a phone number, you can still make free online calling through your computer. Phone technology has changed over the past several years. While landlines are still the most popular form of telephone communication, many cell phones now make calls through the internet.

How Can I Call Without a Phone Number?

Most cell phones have a “Phone” application that looks like a phone icon on the home screen. Older cell phones may have a physical button that resembles a phone.

You can also call anonymously by dialing a prefix before the phone number. Most smartphones support anonymous calling, and some even have apps that allow you to call anonymously. Another option is to use Google Voice, which allows you to reach a different number. This method will keep your actual number private, even if the caller has a call-unmasking program installed.