What Are the Three Types of Security Officers?

Security officers can be classified into two types: armed security officers, and unarmed security officers. Armed security officers carry potentially lethal weapons, while unarmed officers perform surveillance, access control, and policy enforcement duties.

The former are generally employed by the government, while the latter are employed privately by celebrities and government officials. The third type of security officer is the remote video surveillance agent, which monitors security camera footage.

Private security company

A security officer is an employee of a private security company, public security firm, or another security service. Their primary duty is to protect people and property. They can carry a firearm and can be very useful in environments where violence is high or there are incalculable valuables Los Angeles home security systems. Armed security officers have special training and expertise in firearms operations and generally have a military background.

What Are the Three Types of Security Officers?

Government security guards

Government security guards are often highly trained and armed. They will protect people and property and can be called upon at any time.

These guards usually have a “clean” background, meaning that they do not have any previous criminal convictions. Event security guards are perhaps the best-known type of security guards, as they are generally responsible for crowd control and order during events.

Armed security guards

Armed security guards are also available for events, and many of these guards are ex-police or military members. Their training in weapons makes them excellent candidates for this position. They also need to have no criminal records and must have firearms certification. Armed security guards can work in a variety of industries, but are more common in public and private security.