Veillonella With The Researchers Who Studied It

The bacteria Veillonella are commonly found in the gut of humans and other mammals. They are known for their lactate-fermenting abilities, which help to break down lactic acid when cells lack oxygen. These bacteria are generally considered non-pathogenic but have been found to be elevated in patients with immunodeficiency. The genus is composed of 14 species. It was named for a microbiologist, Adrien Veillon.

Veillonella With The Researchers

The bacteria were found to boost exercise performance in mice, even though they are not present in the muscles, lungs, or tissues that are involved in the exercise. The bacteria worked by breaking down lactate, which is released by the liver and converted to glucose. This in turn affects the heart rate and oxygen absorption. This suggests that the bacteria may have a role in boosting athletic performance in humans.

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While these preliminary findings are promising, we need to be cautious when interpreting the results. While these findings are promising, they are still preliminary Buy Veillonella, and clinical trials are needed to determine if they are actually effective.

However, the findings suggest that Veillonella can improve athletic performance and decrease fatigue. In addition, the bacteria have been shown to reduce muscle pain and improve performance. The researchers plan to publish a study on this bacteria soon, and it will give us an opportunity to find out more about it.