Depression and Mycobacterium Vaccae

A recent study shows that a microorganism called Mycobacterium vaccae can help with depression. In the study, researchers injected healthy mice with the microbe into their bodies. After 19 days, the mice with the bacteria were less stressed than the mice without the microbes.

Mycobacterium Vaccae

They also showed less cellular damage in the colon and showed less system-wide inflammation. The microorganism was found to increase the expression of a gene known as tph2, which is involved in the biosynthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that modulates mood and anxiety.

Mycobacterium Vaccae Probiotic

This probiotic was first isolated from the mud along the shores of Lake Kyoga, Uganda. It may one day be used in human supplements mycobacterium vaccae probiotic to help people cope with stress. Research is needed to determine whether other strains of beneficial bacteria have similar effects on the brain.

However, there are some promising results for the probiotic. These studies are aimed at finding specific bacteria that can be taken as a supplement to curb depression and other mental ills.

In the panel, researchers discussed how current knowledge of probiotic mechanisms varies among strains. The panel concluded that some mechanisms are common among common species of probiotics, while others are common among rare strains. For these reasons, it is important to test all types of probiotics in order to find which one works best for you. The panel’s consensus came after considering the current literature on the different types of probiotics.