How Much Does Private Jet Hire Cost?

Whether you need to fly from New York City to Miami or anywhere in between, the question of how much private jet hire costs is one that you may be asking yourself. Private jets have a high initial cost, but a smaller price tag is expected if you are booking a short trip. In addition to a rental fee, you’ll also be expected to pay for airport fees, landing taxes, and other services. These fees can total between half a million dollars and $1 million per year, depending on the type of aircraft.

Private Jet Hire Cost

If you’re looking for the cheapest flight, there are many mid-size jets available. Hawker Beechcraft 900XP jets, for example, are affordable and can carry up to nine passengers. The cost of a single seat in this jet can run as high as $38,000. If you’re traveling with only a couple, you’ll be looking at five to six-hour flights, which will cost you $5,500 apiece.

Private Jet Hire

Hourly rental rates make up the bulk of private charter fare. Depending on the type of jet, billable flight hours can range from $2,000 per hour to more than $20 million for ultra-luxury VIP jets hire a private jet. Most private jet companies charge a minimum of two flight hours per day. However, other fees may arise, based on specific circumstances. These can include airport fees, additional taxes, and catering costs.