Early Signs of Pregnancy

One of the most common early signs of pregnancy is a missed period. This may be due to an illness, strenuous exercise, or a lack of sleep. It is also possible to miss a period during pregnancy, but not all women will notice this. In fact, some women will notice the first signs of pregnancy before their period begins. Bleeding and increased urge to urinate are other early signs of pregnancy. These are not a complete list of symptoms and not every woman will experience them all.

Early Signs of Pregnancy

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, see your health care provider as soon as possible. While every pregnancy is different, these common signs can help you identify your pregnancy and ensure a healthy delivery. If you do have a missed period, you should also check for a delayed or lighter-than-normal period. It may take between six to 12 days after conception to experience implantation bleeding. You may also experience sore breasts or lightening of your period.

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There are four types of pregnancy tests: blood, urine, home tests, and Ultrasound Belfast. The most common type of pregnancy test is the urine test. This is a simple test that can be done in the privacy of your own home. A sample of your urine is placed on a strip, and if you are pregnant, the strip will change color.

Another early sign of pregnancy is vaginal discharge. While it is normal to experience some vaginal discharge during pregnancy, it may be increased or more frequent than usual. The discharge should be clear and not smell bad. If it is itchy or painful, see your doctor to rule out infection.

Women often feel sick throughout their early pregnancy. Although morning sickness is most common at the beginning of pregnancy, some women experience nausea or vomiting throughout the entire period.