Class Action Lawsuits Against Facebook

Facebook has been hit with multiple class-action lawsuits by consumers and advertisers who claim that the social network has misrepresented its data privacy practices. The lawsuits allege that Facebook has been collecting and sharing information from users without their consent and that it is in violation of the law.

Class Action Lawsuits

Listed below are some of the major issues raised in these lawsuits, as well as some of the most notable examples. In addition to privacy issues, the lawsuits allege that Facebook uses user information to create ads, resulting in a high cost to users.

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In 2017, Facebook faced a class-action lawsuit over its use of facial recognition and said it would no longer collect this data without consent. In a separate lawsuit in Illinois, users alleged that Facebook’s facial recognition features violated state law and the law requires consent from users.

While the lawsuit in Illinois was settled, another one is ongoing in Texas. In both cases, Facebook is defending itself vigorously. The lawsuits False Claims Act are likely to continue as the backlash against Facebook continues.

While it’s not known what the outcomes will be of this case, lawsuits against Facebook could lead to Facebook spinning off parts of its business. The lawsuits could also force Facebook to make changes to the way it operates, such as requiring users to view posts from rival social networks within Facebook.

This could drive users away from the social network. This could lead to a massive change in public opinion about Facebook. As a result, it’s essential to keep an eye on what is happening with Facebook.