Are Dentists Open in Wales?

With the recent pandemic, many dental professionals in Wales have been faced with the question, are dentists open in Wales? This situation is worrying, as it can cause severe stress for dentists and their patients alike. In addition to the mental stress, the pandemic has also caused major changes in Wales’ dental environment. In this article, we will take a look at some of the changes that have occurred since the pandemic began.

Are Dentists Open in Wales?

Despite the recent shambles, routine dental appointments will eventually return. The pandemic has caused delays and closures in routine dental care in Wales. But the government and dental care professionals are trying to make up for lost time and are now gradually restoring routine treatments.

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In the meantime, emergency care will resume, with the priority being more urgent work. If the government’s plan for Wales proves to be successful, it will help ensure dental services are accessible for all people in the country.

Dental practices are currently operating within pandemic low amber restrictions, which are designed to limit the number of cases and the length of time between patients. Practices have also adapted to the new COVID-19 requirements, which include increased personal protective equipment.

Fallow periods after aerosol-generating procedures, and increased decontamination requirements. This means that dental practices in Wales are only open to seeing patients who have symptoms or need treatment.

Since the new contract is expected to resume in April 2020, Welsh practices will be paid ninety percent of their previous annual contracts. The new contracts will retain all NHS staff and their pay will stay at their previous levels. Another major change is that NHS dentists in Wales will not need to pay as much as they used to. The new contracts will make it easier for them to recruit dentists to the NHS. In fact, the number of NHS dentists in Wales is expected to increase.