Hydrodemolition – A Revolutionary Way To Remove Old Paint From Buildings

Hydrodemolition is a new method of removing old paint from buildings, which is also a great way to get rid of rust, deteriorated plaster, and more. Using high-pressure water jets, this process can remove years of deterioration. Typically, this method is more efficient and safer than traditional methods of tearing down buildings. The pressure generated by hydro demolition is up to twenty-five thousand PSI. It uses robotic cutting tractors and water pumps to remove deterioration, which are important considerations in any renovation or restoration project.

A Revolutionary Way To Remove Old Paint From Buildings

Hydrodemolition is a safe way to remove a variety of materials and paint from buildings. The process does not leave microcracks and is gentler on the environment than traditional methods. Hydrodemolition is done with the use of ultra-high-pressure water jets, which are nearly 20 times stronger than the typical household pressure washer. Another benefit of hydro demolition is that it can remove concrete without causing damage to the substructure.

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As the construction market begins to recover, many demolition contractors have looked at strategic survival measures in an effort to save their business. This strategy has forced many hydrodemolition uk companies to compromise on quality in order to remain competitive. But with the patented Equal Distance System, the process has become even more efficient and safer. The new technology can remove up to two inches of paint in the same amount of water as a hand-held machine, meaning less risk and reduced cost.