New York Jets Are Dominating Their Opponents This Year!

This offseason, the Jets focused on improving their secondary and defensive line. In free agency, they added safety Jordan Whitehead and cornerback Reed. They were ranked 30th in the league in passing yards allowed. However, they didn’t get any pressure on quarterback Tom Brady, who threw for 342 yards despite the high-pressure numbers. It’s hard to believe the Jets’ secondary is allowing quarterbacks to throw so much this season.

New York Jets Are Dominating

This early schedule is good for the Jets. They are going to play the Patriots and Ravens at home, but they also have to travel to Cleveland in Week 2. They are also scheduled to play the defending AFC champion Bengals in September. However, they have not won a game in September since the season opener in 2018.

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The Jets are playing tough quarterbacks, including Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers, but they have the depth and speed to win. The Jets also face tough division rivals in Philadelphia and New Orleans hire private jet. To keep up with the latest news on your favorite team, follow Max Goodman on Twitter or bookmark Jets country, where you can get daily updates. Then, you can watch Jets games with your family and friends on TV.

The Jets’ early-season success has been the key to the team’s success this season. After a bad start against the Miami Dolphins, the Jets are able to win their next three games. On November 1st, they play the Giants at Shea Stadium and take an early lead. However, they can’t hold onto their lead and the Giants come back to win the game 22-10.