Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing

Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing (ABMP) is a journal that focuses on marketing, economics, and econometrics. The journal is published by Emerald Group Publishing Ltd. and has an overall rank of 19084. Advances in Business Marketing and Purchasing has an ISSN of 10690964. ISSNs are used to recognize journals, periodicals, and other media. This journal has an h-index of 10.

Advances in Business Marketing

This journal’s impact score is 0.25, with a calculated impact score of 1.2 in 2022. Its impact score is a measure of the number of citations each article has received in recent years. The impact score is calculated using data from the Scopus database Binance Referral Code. The journal’s Impact score reflects the importance and influence of its articles in the field of business. The ISI designation makes it easier to identify articles that are relevant to marketing.

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