Beware of Gypsy Paving Companies

The term “gypsy paving” refers to a group of unauthorized paving contractors who operate in a rural area. These individuals can be a good choice for a paving job because they specialize in a variety of work, including paving and painting. However, beware of gypsy paving companies that claim to be legitimate. In some cases, these people may not have all the experience necessary to complete the job.

Gypsy Paving Companies

A common ploy used by unscrupulous paving contractors is to target senior citizens who are too frail to say no. Gypsy paving companies target elderly people hoping they will be too polite to refuse. However, a legitimate company will always carefully measure the size of the Superior Asphalt Sealcoating to ensure that they are getting the proper amount of paving material. A scammer will likely misjudge the size of the driveway and use less than necessary materials to complete the job.

Heavy, Machinery, Equipment

Gypsy paving contractors are a blight on the paving industry paving companies syracuse ny. While they may be charismatic and offer low-quality work, these companies are not licensed and use inferior materials that may not pass for asphalt. It is important to research a company’s license and background history before hiring them.

The Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board has received reports of gypsy paving crews in the Sherwood area. These contractors are notorious for moving fast across the state and making quick work of asphalt repairs.