Paul Remson, VP of Risk Management at Superior Energy Services

Superior Energy Services named Paul Remson as vice president of risk management. Based in Houston, he will oversee the company’s insurance program. Remson has 26 years of experience in risk management. He most recently served as director of insurance at McDermott International. He also worked at BJ Services Company, Alexander, and McDermott International. Read on for more information on Paul Remson and his background.

Dr. Paul Remson was a dentist

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Paul Remson was a member of St. Fabian Catholic Church in Hattiesburg, MS. He attended Jesuit High School in New Orleans before graduating from Loyola University School of Dentistry in 1961. After graduating, Dr. Remson practiced dentistry in New Orleans and Houma, Louisiana. He was an avid fisherman and enjoyed carving decoys.

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He is a commercial real estate tenant broker

Paul Remson is a commercial real estate agent who specializes in helping businesses find new office space, re-negotiate commercial leases, and move their offices st Paul remodelers. He also works with businesses on domain name issues. As a Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM) #5196, he is recognized as an expert in commercial real estate. The designation distinguishes a real estate professional from the ranks of a small group of 7,500 professionals in North America.

He is a CCIM

CCIM (Certified Commercial Investment Member) is the designation for an experienced and specialized commercial real estate professional. This designation is conferred by the CCIM Institute and is recognized as the pinnacle of expertise in the field. CCIMs are a valuable resource to real estate owners, investors, and users, and are members of an elite corps of approximately 7,500 professionals in North America.

He has two sons

Dr. Paul Remson is the Vice President of Risk Management for Superior Energy Services. He began his career with the company in April 2014, and he resides in the Houston, Texas area. His first wife, Lillian, was from New Orleans. She was the mother of Remson’s children. After Remson and Lillian’s divorce, the two were married and had two sons, Paul and Samuel. Paul Remson also had two daughters.

He has three great-grandchildren

Marcel and Lillian Remson were New Orleans natives who raised three children, Paul, Maria, and Drew. He also had three stepchildren, two daughters, and a son. Lillian was Remson’s first wife and was the mother of his children. After Remson’s death, his children continued living in New Orleans. Three great-grandchildren are Remson’s legacy. The family is grateful for their legacy and will continue to honor Remson’s memory with a memorial service.