The Penis Artery Services

The penis artery is a branch of the internal iliac arteries. The arterial blood carries nutrients and waste products from the heart and erectile tissues to the vagina. This artery is found on both sides of the penis. In general, there are three arteries that supply blood to the penis.

The internal iliac artery and the bulbourethral aorta supply venous blood. The proximal third of the artery drains directly into the cavernous veins, while the sinusoids drain into the vena cavernosa. The main cavernous vein lies below the penis artery.

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Penis Artery Services

The artery of the penis is part of the internal iliac artery, which initially did not divide into anterior and posterior divisions. This artery also gave rise to the obturator arteries, the inferior vesical artery, and the lateral sacral artery. It then coursed forward in the pelvis above the pelvic diaphragm penispumpun käyttö. Below the pubic symphysis, the artery is divided into deep and dorsal branches. The latter supplied the anal canal and musculature of the perineum.

The artery of the penis emerges from the lateral pelvic wall and then splits into a dorsal and a deep artery. The dorsal branch of the artery enters the anterior portion of the left crus. Its branches supply the musculature of the penis, anal canal, and corpus spongiosum. The arteries of the penis are the main sources of venous blood.