Invisalign Doctor Course – How to Become a Premier Provider

To become an Invisalign doctor, you must complete a special Invisalign training course. The course focuses on clinical principles, successful treatment methods, and Invisalign software. This software is used to move the teeth with a series of aligners in precise increments. Those who have completed the course are considered Premier Providers, and they are highly skilled at treating patients using Invisalign.

Invisalign Doctor Course

Premier Provider status is only awarded to a select group of doctors in the U.S. and Canada. In fact, only about six percent of Invisalign doctors hold this distinction. The course also includes clinical education opportunities to improve the practice of Invisalign practitioners. As a result, it will increase your visibility and allow you to offer more Invisalign treatments at This means you’ll be able to attract more patients and earn a higher income.

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In addition to becoming an Invisalign doctor, you’ll also gain exclusive access to Invisalign-related events and courses. As a Premier Provider, Dr. Powers has extensive experience in treating patients with Invisalign. He is a highly sought-after Invisalign provider, and his experience in the field is unmatched by other Bay Area Invisalign practitioners. He is the only Invisalign physician with Premier Provider status in the Bay Area.

As a Premier Provider, Dr. Powers has attended an advanced Invisalign provider course. This is the highest-quality course in Invisalign training in North America. He has completed 50 cases and averages 25 cases every six months. Among other Invisalign providers, he’s also a Premier Provider, so you can be confident that he is the most experienced in the Bay Area.

The Invisalign Doctor Course is an essential prerequisite for Invisalign treatment. It is the most comprehensive hands-on Invisalign doctor course in North America. It is a four-day intensive course that teaches you the ins and outs of Invisalign. It is important to understand that the Invisalign system is a complicated technology. A Premier Provider is an Invisalign provider who has extensive experience with the product and the technology.

The Invisalign doctor course should also be comprehensive. It will prepare you for the clinical challenges that Invisalign doctors face. It will also help you understand how the Invisalign aligner works and how it works. By completing the Re-engage Course, you will be well-equipped to treat patients with Invisalign. This course is the most comprehensive and intensive Invisalign course in North America.

During the Re-engage Course, the Invisalign doctor learns the ins and outs of Invisalign. During the training, the doctor practices the technique on hundreds of patients, which will allow them to create a high-quality, comfortable smile. During this course, doctors will learn how to use the Invisalign system with the patient. The treatment is a very common procedure and does not require special skills.