Roof Painting and Roof Cleaning

Roofs of all types require some form of maintenance. Unfortunately, roofing companies are rarely forthcoming about their own average labor costs for painting metal roofs in Orlando, Florida. The main reason for this is that most roofing contractors have a direct job to do and little room for error or human error in their estimate.

Typical labor rates for metal roof painting in Orlando are between seventy-five cents per square foot and one dollar per square foot. These are standard labor rates and it’s important to remember that these are only the minimum amounts involved for the task at hand, which is painting the roof of an apartment building.

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Roof cleaning and restoration professionals also know that there is always a possibility of a roof replacement. Roofs have a life expectancy of between ten and fifteen years so they are not a “one-time job.” Most roofing professionals estimate that the average roof replacement costs between fifty and seventy thousand dollars.

Roof replacements can also entail significant additional fees such as when adding on extra windows or attic space. Roofing contractors in the Orlando, Florida area offer a full range of roofing services and have extensive experience in the roof painting or roof cleaning and restoration market Roof Painting Orlando. If you need your roof painted or re-roofed, contact a local roofing professional today.

Roof painting and roofing contractors in the Orlando, Florida area also offer a full range of metal roofing and roof repair services. Their mission is to make the home and business owner’s residence and property as attractive and safe as possible. With a heavy emphasis on eco-friendly and low-energy products, Orlando roofing contractors help homeowners to reduce their monthly utility bills while making their roofs strong and dependable for years to come.

By combining the expertise of industry veterans with cutting-edge technology and innovative design, Orlando roofing contractors are committed to providing clients with the highest quality workmanship and the most competitive prices available. For additional information, contact your local roofing professional today.