Home Renovation Shows Are Not What You’d Think

Everyone loves a good home renovation show, no matter what side of the fence you’re sitting on. It’s one of the only ways people (non-celebrities) can get an inside look at some of the most beautiful homes in the country.

Home Renovation Shows

But have you ever thought about what happens to the families who are blessed with these homes, after the credits roll? Do these newly built Auckland home renovations actually last, or does it just instantly fall apart upon the camera’s view? There is definitely more to this home renovation reality show than what the networks are letting you know.

Renovate, Renovation, Paint, Delete

If you’ve ever been on a home renovation show you probably already know what I’m talking about. The homes on these shows always seem perfect, and everyone who watches them seems as if they could snap right into the rooms and start fixing them right away.

In some cases they are, but the problem with these home renovation shows is that the builders and contractors don’t tell the entire story kitchen renovation. They leave out important details, and the people watching the show don’t pick up on these details and then wonder why everything is so wrong.

These shows can be a little misleading because they don’t take into consideration how real people live their lives, and what goes into the process of fixing and improving homes. There are some amazing examples of how home renovation shows can be misleading and even dangerous.

For instance, I watched one of the home improvement shows recently about new home construction, and the hosts made it seem like the tiny house plans that the homeowners used were some sort of mad science. There were tons of little things that didn’t make any sense, and it was obvious to anyone who was paying attention that these homes wouldn’t hold up over time, or that they would need constant maintenance.