Planning An Outdoor Graduation Party Game

There are lots of great outdoor graduation party game ideas to choose from. Some people think that games are supposed to be for indoors but with graduation, you can have fun outside. It is much more relaxing and when done right, can really get the guests involved in the festivities. If you have kids then some indoor games might be out of the question. Therefore, outdoor graduation party game ideas that are great for kids are sure to keep the kids entertained and interested in what is going on.

Checkmate, Chess, Figures, Chess Pieces

Outdoor Graduation Party Game

When it comes to choosing outdoor graduation party games for kids outdoors, everyone has their own favorites. The key is to choose something that both kids and adults will enjoy. There are many indoor games that are fun such as charades and trivia games. However, if you really want to top off your outdoor party, then you should consider a scavenger hunt or even better, a treasure hunt.

Scavenger hunts have been around since people were children. They usually have a reward after each stage and they are very easy to plan and organize. For your outdoor graduation party game you will need a variety of items. First, you should have plenty of paper supplies, cardboard boxes for crumpled up pieces and a lot of bags for storing different items. Next you will need to buy some markers and crayons. These can all easily be bought at a craft store and are usually inexpensive.

Another great game idea that can be played is a guessing game. You should have plenty of items that your guests can bring home. After they have been given their prizes, they can have the guests guess at what each of them has inside of them. It should be a fun game that is easy to organize. There are many party planning books out there that can help you with this kind of game. With a little extra imagination of your guests will have lots of fun while trying to figure out what things are inside of each of their purses or backpacks.

An outdoor graduation party game that is really fun is when you divide the guests into pairs and have them walk from one corner of the garden to another. You will want to mark the spots with tape so that they do not fall off the vines that surround the garden. This can be a great activity for the older kids and there is no rule that says you have to keep them inside of the house. If you are holding the outdoor graduation party at a park, you may want to consider using water wings. This game can provide lots of fun and excitement.

Final Words

Planning an outdoor graduation party game is not that difficult but it does require a little bit of creativity. Your guests will enjoy the various activities you plan for them. It will also give them a chance to have fun outside of the formalities of the event. They may even decide to stay at your home for the weekend! Plan some outdoor activities that incorporate games into the mix and you will find that your graduation party is going to be a huge hit.