Vegetable Gardens at the Urban Farms at Atlantic City

There are many urban farms in the Garden State and this article will discuss some of them including the urban gardens at Atlantic City. Urban farming refers to growing food in public spaces such as parks, buildings, gardens, schools, and many more places. In other words, urban farmers strive to create sustainable food systems by growing organic, non-chemical based foods with community based composting, gardening, and gardening methods. They try to make food production as near to natural as possible. These urban farms at Atlantic City prove that sustainable urban farming does work!

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Urban Farms at Atlantic City

One of the biggest problems when it comes to urban farming is finding space to grow, harvest, and process organic food See Scott. The solution to this problem is to grow your food on your own urban farm! You can find resources online on how to start your own urban farm and a great many of them are free! The hardest part is simply finding the right location.

Final Words

Many urban farmers set up their farms in unused buildings or garages, or under bridges, and other locations that offer free or low cost access to dirt. Once they’ve selected a location, they begin digging trenches and lining them with rows of rich soil where they plant seeds, grow plants (both edible and ornamental), and collect clippings for compost and fertilizer. Within two weeks of beginning the farm, they’ll have grown many tons of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Some of the best markets in the area are also located near some of the urban farms Atlantic city.