Who Has The Highest Likes On Instagram?

When it comes to social networking and marketing strategies, few social media outlets can compare to Instagram insgosu. Users of Facebook and Twitter regularly update their profiles with pictures taken from the latest celebrities, concerts, or holiday destinations.

Highest Likes On Instagram

However, Instagram has a number of unique features that set it apart from other platforms. Before you begin posting pictures to your account on Instagram, it is important to understand some of the top users on the platform, as you will learn who are the most popular individuals in the world.

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Ronaldo has almost six million likes on Instagram. The largest number of followers is from Spain, followed by the United Kingdom and France. Ronaldo has the highest likes on Instagram out of any soccer player. In fact, Ronaldo has the highest likes on Instagram out of any soccer player. On Facebook, the world’s most active soccer fan, Cristiano Ronaldo has nearly seven hundred million fans.

Bey is another soccer star, who has the highest likes on Instagram out of any male entertainer https://ekiwi.de/index.php/1670/6-wege-um-mehr-likes-fuer-ihre-instagram-posts-zu-erhalten/. Bey is a Brit but enjoys traveling the world and posting interesting pictures. Bey has almost three hundred million followers on Facebook and five hundred thousand on Instagram.

Neymar of Brazil is the fifth ranked football player on Instagram. He also has the second most fans on Facebook and has the second most fans on Twitter.

Neymar has Instagrammed almost two hundred pictures since he was added to the Brazil squad. Neymar is the only out of the Brazil players to have Instagrammed a picture of himself while he was playing. He also has the most fans on Instagram, with almost ten million.

Last up on the charts is Cristiano Ronaldo, the number four goalscorer for Manchester United. Ronaldo has the highest likes on Instagram of any player in the world, with over one million followers.

The Portuguese forward is known for his long hair, which he sometimes waves in very good style. Ronaldo also has the world record for the most goals in a single game with the aforementioned statistic, and he has the highest-paid player on Twitter.

Lastly on the list of the world’s most popular social networking sites is the egg. The egg has received much negative press in the past few months due to its controversial nature. People have been tweeting the word “Egg” every time Chelsea win a trophy, or during their season winnings at the Major League Soccer.

It has only taken a few months for the egg to go from being hated by most football fans to being loved by a lot of them, and it has even received an encore of support from the President of the United States.