How to Become a Holistic Doctor

If you want to become a holistic doctor then you have definitely come to the right place holistic doctor dallas. This article is going to touch on some information that is important to understand before making this type of commitment. You must be willing to dedicate your life to holistic medicine if you are serious about becoming a holistic doctor.

Mandala, Balance, Ying Yang

The first thing you must know is that there is a difference between conventional medicine and holistic medicine. Most people are familiar with the idea that holistic doctors treat patients more gently and with less harsh chemicals. While this is partially true, this is not all they do.

Become a Holistic Doctor

Holistic doctors can work as an oral surgeon, orthodontist, aromatherapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, licensed nurse, psychologist, nutritionist, registered nurse and even teacher or mentor. They can also specialize in just a few areas (e.g., pediatrics, geriatrics, elder care, home health care, sports medicine, etc.)

If you decide to go straight into medical school as a holistic doctor, you will need to obtain at least a Bachelor of Science in Health Science or a Bachelor of Arts in Health, Human Services, Behavioral Sciences, or Education. If you are looking to get into research or teaching, there are also some additional degrees you may wish to consider.

Final Words

Some of the degrees you might consider are a Doctor of Education (edo) degree, Master of Science (graduate) degree, Doctor of Health Administration degree, Doctor of Psychology degree, Marriage and Family Therapy, Education Teaching and Policy Degree, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examination and Health and Human Services Management Degree. In most states, you will also need to sit for the Board Certified Mental Health Therapist (CMHT) exam. A great online source for information on these different levels of training is Health Sciences Training.