Ceramic Capacitor Difference

The ceramic capacitors are the ones that are available in different sizes, voltage ratings, currents, power ratings, and even in different material types of high voltage ceramic disc capacitors. They are used in different electronic applications as well as in different industries. One of the main characteristics is that they have a long service life and thus one can always rely on them.

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Though they are available in different materials, some of the best ceramic varieties are made from silicon carbide. Though this variety is the oldest type of ceramic capacitor, still they are used widely due to their superior quality. Also, there are some that are made from boron, carbon, and even mercury too.

Why Do Ceramic Capacitors Wear Out ?

There are many other varieties that are available in the market too. One of the biggest differences that one can see between the ceramic capacitors is the voltage drop across the device. This means that the higher the voltage across the device, the lower the current will be generated. Though most of the devices use the DC input, some use the AC input also.

Final Words

Another big difference that can be noticed between ceramic capacitors is the thermal expansion. The thermal expansion occurs when one places the device near a hot surface or when one places a heavy load on it. Due to this phenomenon, the thermal resistance comes into picture. The ceramic device works fine with a temperature of room temperature. Some devices on the other hand work fine with temperatures up to 110 degrees Celsius. This is mainly the reason as to why ceramic devices are preferred over other varieties.