Choosing the Right Yarn Weight

A Yarn Weight Chart can be a tremendous help in learning how to knitter. A chart helps gauge the number of stitches needed to cast on, gauge the weight of the yarn needed to make the project and gauge the size of the needles needed to cast on, knitting and weaving in your yarn.

Yarn Weight

The charts are available online, in magazine and book form, and sometimes as part of a kit. Knitting is an art that takes time and practice to master. Using a yarn weight chart can greatly increase the enjoyment of the craft.

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Yarn Weight Chart –

The yarn weight chart is a visual representation of the knitting stitch and helps determine how many stitches will produce a particular pattern. The term ‘weight’ refers not to the thickness of yarn but to the gauge, the diameter of the knitting needle, and the tension of the yarn billig garn på nett. Lace weight, super fine yarn and sock yarn are the lightest and thinnest forms of yarn used in knitting.

Needle Size Measuring Guide –

The yarn weight chart is a good tool to determine the right needle size required for the project you are making. It helps you avoid the waste of yarn by specifying the needle size necessary for the project.

In the case of machine knitting, it is also a good tool to determine the correct machine knitting needle size required for the project. The chart is divided into six sections which are the round count, the double stitches, the knitting needles size, the knitting needles, and the wrap-around stitches. A further section is a decreasing pattern.

Yarn Weight Comparison –

The yarn weight chart is useful for determining the right needles and yarn size needed for a project. The yarn used should be chosen keeping in mind the fabric to be made and the tension of the yarn for best results. Most people do not give importance to the super bulky yarns and hence end up with bulky and thin ends when they use them.

Jumper Yarn –

Super bulky yarns like baby blankets and thick wool have a very thick feel and can add bulk to a garment. They need extra needles to get perfect results. The yarn weights in the yarn weight chart are based on yarn diameter and not on the size of the needle used.

It is better to choose the right yarn weight from the yarn weight chart. The yarn with the same gauge will have the same weight, but different sizes. Choosing the wrong yarn weight could make your fabric stiff, sticky and heavy. Hence the chart helps you choose the right yarn weight.