Cake Delivery Box For Bike

One of the easiest ways to display your cake delivery box for bike is to use it as a sign on your bike To make this work you will need an extra cardboard box that is large enough to hold the cake and some tubing that can be used to tie around the box.

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You will then take the cake and poke holes into it at various places to allow the cake to flow out and along the tubing. Make sure that the holes are all equally spaced so that your cake will flow smoothly out from under the hole. Use the extra cardboard to add some decorations to make it look more like a bouquet of flowers instead.

Cake Delivery Box

Another great idea is to use the cake delivery box for bike as a gift wrap. This may seem like a silly idea since the box is designed for the cake, but if you buy a couple of extra boxes that are the same size as each other, you can tape one up with the “saddle” side being the same color as the bike and the other side the color of the cake box.

You can tape this to your bike or wrap it around the cake on the outside. This is a much better way to show your care because it looks nicer on your bike than a bunch of wrapping paper.

Final Words

The final idea is to use the cake delivery box for bike as part of a “belly ring”. To do this you will cut out a ring from your cake and thread it through the holes in the box. You will attach this to your handlebars where the fork is resting. This is a fun idea that is not very hard to make or find, so go out and try it today.