Bunion Surgery Before and After

Bunion surgery, also known as a bunionectomy, is an option for people who want to alleviate the pain commonly associated with bunions. Bunions are caused by over-extension of the bone on one or both feet.

Bunion Surgery

Most bunion surgery patients are middle-aged and exercise enthusiasts who experience minor difficulties with walking, standing, and walking barefoot. Patients should only consider bunion surgery when other non-surgical treatments have also been ineffective.

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Bunions can be caused by the development of a bunion surgery defect, but many times the bunion deformity is actually present at birth. In this case, the deformity can be corrected through surgical correction. The most common bunion deformity is a hallux valgus. This is a sharp value bend in the middle of the big toe that causes pain and can be extremely bothersome.

Before undergoing bunion surgery, your surgeon will schedule an evaluation to assess your condition, determine the severity of your problem, and recommend treatment options big toe surgery. Many times, bunion surgery is recommended as the last resort after all other treatment options fail, especially in cases involving severe deformities.

Once the initial evaluation has been completed, you will be scheduled for surgery and an anesthetic may be applied. Most people are operated on during their first visit, but some surgeons offer a postoperative walk-through to help the patient become more comfortable with the procedure and to decrease the risks of complications.