Choosing Curtains Rods Modern curtain rods

Modern curtain rods come in a wide variety of materials and styles. Whether you have a curtain rod design in mind or are searching for a rod that will complement an existing design, this article has the information you need to choose the right material.

Choosing Curtains Rods

Rods are available from metal, wood, PVC, and other materials. The types of curtain rods found most frequently in homes are curtain rods made of metal, wood, and PVC These types of rods provide easy movement through large windows and can also be used on the slats of the shutters to give a dramatic effect.

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Metal curtain rods are typically long and slender to allow for easy movement through very narrow spaces. They are often decorative and come in a variety of colors, sizes, and finishes. Because they are not attached to the curtain track, rods placed flush with the top of curtains are not visible and curtains can be moved higher or lower along the rod. Decorative rods add style and grace to simple window treatment elements and also dress-up curtain hardware.

Wooden curtain rods are typically slender and made of cedar or pine. Smaller rods are used to cover just one side of a curtain while larger rods are used to cover two to three curtains. Finials are often incorporated into wooden rods to give them an elegant and distinguished appearance. Decorative finials can be added to the ends of larger rods to change the look from ordinary to extraordinary. Many people use finials with metal rods to dress up their curtains and rods.

PVC rods are lightweight and strong and make a great selection for covering curtains that are open on one or both sides. PVC curtains feature fully adjustable, non-closet-mounted fittings that allow you to make the rod as low or high as you choose.

Drapes that open out are easily fitted with standard curtain rods because they do not require special lengths or widths. Drapes that fold back are most often fitted with small or oversized rods because this provides more area to open and close the curtains without hitting the curtain itself.

If your curtains are very elaborate, you might want to consider metal curtain rods. These are usually available in a variety of finishes and sizes. They are typically easy to install because they feature simple detachable fittings and do not require you to assemble them. You can also find these rods decorated with finials and decorative accent pieces to make your curtains look elegant.

One factor to consider when shopping for rods is how easy they are to traverse the curtain rods. Rods that are too short can be hard for people to hold on to, but if the rods are too long people may find it difficult to maneuver. You may want to ask a salesperson which types of rods are easier to traverse and will provide the most ease of movement. It is also a good idea to know if there are any type of detachable accessories that will make movement easier.