Minimalist Island Lighting Ideas

If you are tired of the over abundance of wall sconces on your living room table and want something a little different, then consider some minimalist island lighting. Not only is it a more interesting color scheme that brings a tone of melancholy to the room but it also adds texture and dimension.

Lighting Ideas

The use of small and subdued elements such as candles, lanterns, figurines, and mirrors in a minimalist island design can add a soft touch to any room while still giving it a sense of space. Here are some tips and tricks for creating your very own minimalist island lighting scheme.

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Use Wall Sconces as a Floor Lamp – A small wall sconce placed strategically at a central location in your home will provide not only ambient lighting but will also cast a soft glow on any surface that it rests against. You can find these wall sconces at any home improvement store or by searching online.

You can place several of them around the room in an attempt to create different sources of light. You may also consider using them in pairs or in a grouping The most important thing to keep in mind about wall sconces is that they must be placed high enough on the ceiling to be able to project an even amount of light without casting a shadow on it. This will create a lovely warm glow in a corner of the room that will greatly enhance the decor of that area.

Use Candles as a Floor Lamp – Another great way to utilize minimalist island lighting in your home is by placing small round glass candles atop the table. These are perfect because not only do they cast a soft glow, but they are also inexpensive to purchase and easy to carry. You can easily find these candles in tins or other similar containers at your local store or online. Be sure to make certain that the base of each candle is the same height so that you can use the proper candle holder for each individual one.