AC Systems For Commercial Spaces

There are many different kinds of commercial air conditioning units on the market today. These are split air conditioners that offer the benefits of both an outdoor and indoor unit. These include thermostats for temperature control, multiple outlets for cooling and heating, controls for humidity, ventilation, and more. Understanding the differences between these three models will help you choose the right unit for your business, home, or office.

Commercial Spaces

There are currently three main types of commercial air conditioning units on the market today. Split HV AC System. The split HV AC system has its name derived from its two main components and how they are put together. The system includes the following components: An outdoor unit, including an air conditioner.

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Indoor ACs. Split HVAC systems can be installed in commercial spaces using three main types of indoor units: an evaporator, condenser and compressor Eastern Air Conditioning. These components are designed to cool and/or heat the air volume coming into a space and regulate the amount of moisture present in the air. An evaporator is designed to pull warm air away from the interior of a building while a compressor heats and humidifies the air volume coming into a space.

Multi-Split AC Systems. Multi-split AC systems are typically used in commercial spaces that are cooled by a mixture of outdoor and indoor units. When selecting a commercial air conditioning system, you need to decide between a multi-split system that features both outdoor and indoor components or one that offers just the one. In most cases, a multi-split air conditioner offers better cooling efficiency than a unit that only provides air conditioning services for the exterior of a space. Multi-split systems also tend to provide a higher level of safety than single-space models, so they should be used in areas where the possibility of an electrical emergency exists.

Indoor ACs. Indoor ACs are generally less expensive than their outdoor counterparts, although they generally cost more to install due to their increased complexity and specialized components. An indoor hvac system can be used in commercial spaces, but the number of outlets may not meet the needs of your business.

Air Conditioners for Commercial Spaces. As you can see, there are many different options available to you when it comes to selecting the right commercial air conditioning system for your business. The cost of your system will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your commercial space, its use, and location. A quality HVAC unit can help to improve the comfort and operational efficiency of your business. In order to find out if your commercial space needs an indoor or outdoor AC system, consult with a heating and cooling professional today.