Italian Lesson Software Reviews – Rosetta Stone Vs Rocket

It’s not easy to state which software is”much better” in this specific category. Both Italian lesson apps, Rosetta class Italian and Rocket, utilize different teaching methods. Each method may appeal to your pupils, but be frustrating for many others.

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Italian Lesson Software Reviews

  • They attempt to mimic how a very young kid learns to speak their native speech. They make an immersion environment, in which the student learns words by linking them with their picture. Associating the words and graphics, and studying grammar construction, is performed through trial-and-error having a interactive game. This produces the Italian classes interesting, energetic, and fun.
  • Rocket’s Italian language classes take a more conventional way of a Italian lesson. It’s far more organized, with language lists, word dictionaries, and obviously explained grammar principles. Though Rocket also utilizes image-word institutions in an interactive game format, they’re used more for practice and drill (such as flashcards), instead of to educate the pupil the words through trial and error.


1 characteristic these two terminology lesson share (which sets them aside from the classroom Italian Lessons) is they are student-directed. The pupil can set the pace along with the program, just moving forward to another level when they familiar with doing this inpage by jaansoft. In this regard, Rosetta is likely superior. The program tracks the pupil’s progress, and gives opinions on what areas they want extra practice with. Rocket lacks this attribute.


These two two language programs give sound clips so the pupil can hear the way the term or phrase is perceptible. It may assess the student’s spoken phrases, and supply comments on pronunciation and emphasis. Since Rocket’s music lessons aren’t interactive, nevertheless, they’re also mobile, and the pupil can load the classes on their iPod or MP3 player, and take it together.

In case Rocket’s Italian lesson applications itself is less interactive than its rival, it can come across an interesting method to compensate for this falling out. Rocket Gives an internet Learner’s Forum. Whereas Rosetta Stone provides interactivity with this particular software, Rocket provides interactivity with real Italians.

In general, Rosetta Stone’s class Italian language classes are rather for individuals wanting to learn how to speak Italian, while Rocket’s language classes are better for individuals more worried about writing and reading.


Rosetta Stone prices $230, and that is only for the Level One Italian application. To buy all of the classes (one through five) prices $700-and that is using the discount for purchasing all of the classes together as a bundle!

Rocket’s language classes, by comparison, cost just about $100. That is for the whole language training course, also. There are no different levels for your Italian classes.