Plumbing By Antarctica to Pensacola

I’ve been operating in Antarctica because of 2008. This guide is a short description of a few of the things that I encountered. At precisely the exact same time I’m working to enlarge my plumbing company in my home city of Pensacola Florida. In the time of the writing, I’m finishing up my next winter that runs from February to September.


We’ve got a team of 142 individuals that are spending the winter. There are old and young team members both female and male.

Mixer Tap, Tap, Water, Faucet, Kitchen

The major interest I had for coming was to go through the beauty of the last frontier of the ground Brisbane plumber. Additionally, my interest in pipes made me wonder how it functioned. Each of the sewer and water lines is set up on stanchions with 12 inches of pipe and heating hints to keep them from freezing.

Any little fixing outside can grow to be a significant undertaking. The energy for our channel is offered by big generators and wind turbines. We’ve transformed the majority of the plumbing fittings to water saver and very low flow units.

We’ve got private rooms with a set type bathroom or rooms which share a bath between. Work facilities vary from equipment repair shops, carpentry shops, comms, electric, distribution and my favorite, the pawn store.

The procedure to reach Antarctica is a very long one. First rigorous physical standards and testing are required. We spend two weeks in Christchurch for coaching and also our extreme cold-weather equipment. Once completed it’s 2500 miles south into the ICE as we call it. Complete one-way trip is all about 9000 miles.

Employing the expertise I’ve learned where I need to now take that to Pensacola to help develop my company. My purpose is to offer expert knowledge and superior service for home and business owners at the Pensacola region. In precisely the exact same time I love sharing a few of those fantastic, once in a lifetime memories. If you’re interested in knowing more about Antarctica please allow me to know.