Scuba Diving in Disneyworld’s Epcot Center

There’s an intriguing dive alternative for certified scuba divers that are vacationing at the Orlando region particularly with family members that are non-divers. This tank includes a sample of Caribbean marine life in synthetic saltwater and subtropical environment. Through the center’s Divequest tour, certified divers can have a special three-hour program that contains a twenty-minute dip within this marine tank.

The present cost is $140 US with advance bookings required. Epcot park entrance isn’t required or included. But, I had been allowed out in the primary field of The Living Seas following the tour, and so I ended up viewing different pieces of Epcot for spare anyhow. All ski gear is supplied. Jewelry must be removed before the dip.

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Following the center tour, wetsuits and towels for every diver are already waiting privately stalls that have private showers in the change rooms. The setup is nicely arranged but somewhat strange because after shifting to wetsuits, the natives are paraded throughout the public areas at which another Epcot guests are Let’s Theme Park before entering the primary level of this marine tank. Once in the sea tank, divemasters are awaiting tanks and BCs already constructed for every diver.

The BCs are fat incorporated with much more fat than required and the sole gauge connected is the air pressure gauge. There is not even a thickness gauge or octopus second point since they aren’t thought to be required for this shallow dip. Following the dive briefing, the divemasters assist the sailors using their gear and everybody moves into a decent line in the center of the tank.

The dive itself is generally beyond most sailors’ expectations. There’s a good deal of marine life within this tank such as sharks, rays, turtles, and plenty of Caribbean fish of all sizes. Actually, the team asserts that sailors will see more assortment of Caribbean marine life through this 1 dip than several dives combined outside from the open sea. One of those neat items that divers can perform on this dip they can not do elsewhere is socialized with the people Epcot guests.

You will find sixty observation windows all over the sea tank including opinions from the main restaurant. The divers become a part of the attractions in The Living Seas since the people behind the chimney tide and snap photographs.

Some divers made structures with household members to be around the opposite side of the chimney while some designated divemaster videotapes that the whole scene. Though I had been skeptical initially, I must admit I had fun socializing with the general public supporting the glass. I’d forgotten that the huge majority of folks out there aren’t certified divers and we’re somewhat of a fascination for them.

For scuba divers that dive largely to watch marine life, the Divequest in Epcot won’t disappoint. It is a chance to swim through a couple of big schools of fish and also watch some creatures such as the sharks and turtles up close which as many anglers understand, is a real hit and misses out from the open water. It’s also quite a distinctive chance for non-diving relatives and friends to observe divers from the underwater environment. Divequest is surely a distinctive dive that’s well worth doing at least one time.